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 PvP/IDOCing/PK Guild.... Legion of Death (L^D)

        This is The Legion on Death (L^D) We are strictly PK/PvP/IDOCing. Some of the things I require, You MUST have AIM. You must also either have Ventrillo or Skype.

        You must be self sufficient, (i,e, recourse, regs, kegs, bottles, armor,weapons, or money to buy them.) I dont want to hear crying about shit. You die? Oh well get over it re-suit back up and return to battle, or go do something else. Crying about dyeing while others are trying to stay alive will get us all killed. ONE CALLER THAT I DECIDE. Only talking during ANY PvP should be the caller calling targets and if they are target. They call themselves by their name. (example, DEBOnair is Target!!!) Not HEY I'M TARGET!!! No One will Know who "I'm" is......

        I come from old school Napa Valley 1997 - 2001. I am DEBOnair, aka Johnny Leviathan. I was in old Loot Crusade (L%C) and then Innocence took over I left and went to The Resistance,
 (-Rv) I know how to group and 1v1. I know how to call and run a gank squad.

         If you want PvP and lots of it, if you want to win ALOT and gain massive loot, Come roll with me and my crew. Dexxers and mages alike are allowed. Your template doesn't matter.

Read the side bar - "How The Legion of Death came to be. (L^D)"

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